A 3rd generation of real estate entrepreneurs

Representing the 3rd generation of an entrepreneurial family operating and investing in residential and commercial real estate, Frédéric and Alexandre Godbout founded Atwater Properties in 2012. The company now employs more than 60 experienced professionals specialized in property management, project management, financial management, advertising, marketing and business development. It operates in the medical and construction sector. 

Recognized for its transactional expertise, the company has the know-how and expertise to carry out all types of transactions, whether it is acquisitions, financing, dispositions, recapitalizations, partnerships, etc. Backed by a strong network in the capital market, Atwater Properties takes advantage of high-potential business opportunities to create value within its company and for its partners. Its direct interest mainly revolves around real estate investments in the multi-residential and commercial sector in the greater Montreal metropolitan area.

Our philosophy

We believe that our most important investment is the one we make in our employees. The judicious management of our resources and particularly of our human assets is a determining factor of our success. Talent acquisition and professional development are central to our business. The entrepreneurial spirit of our management teams and the diversified experience of each of our employees allow us to differentiate ourselves from a market that prioritises a rather traditional approach.

Our culture

The success of Atwater Properties is based on a dynamic corporate culture that promotes shared knowledge. Our horizontal structure facilitates dialogue and enables individuals to maintain close and frequent connections, thus facilitating information sharing. We perceive knowledge as an invaluable collective intangible resource. This entrepreneurial dynamic is possible thanks to a participatory management style where collaboration is valued as opposed to competition.

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