Transaction Support

Atwater Properties accompanies its partners through every stage of acquisition, financing, dispositions, recapitalization, partnerships, etc.

  • Carry out financial projections;
  • Conduct required environmental studies;
  • Evaluate development opportunities according to municipal bylaws;
  • Risk management;
  • Coordinate the intervention of various professionals (engineers, architects, etc.);
  • Conduct due diligence;
  • Carry out market research;
  • Conduct tax and legal planning.

Project management

Our organization has extensive expertise delivering major projects related to real estate repositioning and/or modernization.

We handle projects from conceptualization to execution and make sure to complete them within strict timetables and a duly established budgets. Our goal is to meet the needs of our partners and clients.

  • Additions: Structural enlargement or additions;
  • Renovations and modifications: Work to improve the quality of the property in accordance with housing and living standards, improve interior space or upgrade existing facilities to meet changing needs;
  • Replacement of equipment: Installation of equipment replacing an existing item, including the upgrade of equipment and building type conversion;
  • New facilities: Installation of equipment that did not previously exist on the property or that is in addition to existing equipment to the property;
  • Repairs and maintenance: Expenditure allocation towards building or piece of equipment to keep it in good working order and maintain good appearance.

Rental management

Atwater Properties has an excellent reputation for the quality and efficiency of its rental management services.

  • Irreplaceable marketing and advertising platform;
  • Call and visit management 7 days a week;
  • Tenant selection / credit reporting;
  • Notice to tenants and lease renewals;
  • Maintenance management and service calls;
  • Concierge service;
  • Preventive maintenance programs;
  • Retention programs for clients;
  • Rent collection;
  • Active management of accounts receivables;
  • Electronic documentation management;
  • Production of quarterly reports for all partners;
  • Meticulous accounting: book keeping and property tax declarations.

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