Frédéric Godbout, CFA


Frederic’s professional career led him to work for renowned national and international real estate institutions such as First National and Ivanohé Cambridge, acquiring an indispensable experience in the industry. In 2012, he co-founded Atwater Properties with his brother, Alexandre Godbout colliding their complementary expertise and their solid experience in real estate.

Alexandre Godbout

Vice President

Alexandre has more than 20 years of experience in real estate and project management. He has capitalized on his expertise in project management by repositioning several buildings of 100 units or more, on the Island of Montreal, through partnerships.

Alain Lacoursière, ing

Director, Asset Management and Property Planning

With a background in Consulting Engineering, Alain has nearly 5 years of experience in inspection and planning, as well as in management and supervision of renovation work on structural systems and on the envelope of existing buildings.

Michelle-Eve Pilon, M.Sc

Manager, marketing and strategic planning

Michelle-Eve is responsible for the production of market research prior to the acquisition or repositioning of buildings, manages the Atwater Properties' websites, develops new marketing strategies and ensures the brand image remains consistent and aligned with the overall marketing strategies since 2015.

Nataliya Chakarova


Nataliya has more than 13 years of experience in accounting management and has been in the Canadian real estate market for over 8 years. Based on her experience, Nataliya was entrusted with managing every accounting functions within the company's various legal entities.

Inès Hammadi

Accounting technician

Inès diligently keeps the books of all Atwater Properties' Companies, takes care of bank reconciliation, tracks accounts payable and receivable, and executes several other fundamental tasks for the company.

Hernan Maira

Building manager

Hernan is employed by Atwater Properties since 2009. He first managed Bayside Lakeshore for 7 years, one of the company's most pretigious property. In August 2017, Hernan was appointed to act as assistant-administrator of Le1400 Maisonneuve, a 178-unit building in downtown Montreal currently being repositionned.

Céline Régulski

Buidling Manager

Celine joined Appartements Métropolitains in 2014 as the building manager for more than 245 residential apartments in the eastern boroughs of Montreal.

Bogie Preis

Building Manager

Since 2017, Bogie has been managing Bayside Lakeshore, one of the most prestigious properties under the management of Atwater Properties

Kathy Mellul

Administrative assistant

Kathy is the Administrative Assistant at Bayside Lakeshore, one of the most prestigious properties in Atwater Properties' portfolio.

Erika Diaz

Pay technician

Despite the complexity of the Atwater Properties’ corporate structure and the various companies related to it, Erika has been fulfilling her role with accuracy and efficiency since October 2017