We offer integrated, proactive and value-added partnerships.

Our role

Without limiting the foregoing, we prefer to manage our real estate assets and execute all tasks related to our portfolio. This allows our partners to focus on their professional and personal activities while we take care of the rest.

Our approach

Atwater Properties relies on a flexible approach adapted to investors looking for an integrated, proactive and value-added partner. As such, we offer operational and strategic support, access to an extensive network of professionals, privileged access to the capital market and a dynamic approach in terms of financial leverage.

The market

We have powerful tools and knowledgeable employees allowing us to react efficiently to unexpected situations and seize opportunities. The uncertainty of modern markets forces us to have a long-term strategic plan. We strategically monitor our position in the market as well as the ones of our competitors in order to surpass the industry standards and expectations. We keep an eye on the market’s evolution without losing sight of current and new trends. This way, we tend to differentiate ourselves from the more traditionalist approach to real estate investment and management.

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