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Nataliya Chakarova

Nataliya holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Economic Administration. Nataliya has been employed by Atwater Properties as the senior accountant since March 2013.

She has more than 15 years of experience in accounting management and has been in the Canadian real estate market for over 8 years.

Having been at the head of a team in one of the largest accounting, legal and notarial firm in Bulgaria for almost 7 years, Nataliya has undeniable expertise and strong leadership skills.

Based on her experience, Nataliya was entrusted with all the administrative management of Atwater Properties. Amongst many other accomplishments, she successfully implemented efficient organizational processes adapted to the Quebec real estate market. Every day, Nataliya continues to demonstrate her skills in accounting and administrative management.

Nataliya is known for her sense of organization, efficiency and meticulousness.